John Alderson was an immigrant from Yorkshire, England. He was born in 1699.  He was my 6x Great-Grandfather. His father was a minister in the Church of England. In 1719 when John was twenty years old his father gave him money and a horse and advised him to leave the area. This was to avoid a marriage of which his father disapproved. The money did not last, but John did not return home or let his family know where he was. He worked his way across the ocean to America. When he arrived, he was to pay off his debt by working for a Baptist minister who was also a wealthy farmer (Thomas Curtis). Thomas Curtis liked John Alderson very much and they worked well together. In 1726, John Alderson would marry the Farmer’s Daughter (Jane Curtis). This couple had eight children. My direct ancestor is Curtis Alderson (my 5x Great Grandfather).

John Alderson, Sr. liked the Baptist Church and was converted. Very soon he was preaching. At long last, he wrote home to his Father and let him know where he was and told him about his life. His father sent him a nice letter and two volumes on theology. I have read that these volumes are still in the Alderson family. When he left New Jersey, he moved to Pennsylvania. In 1755 he was sent to Virginia where he organized one of Virginia’s first Baptist Churches. He died at the age of eighty-two in 1781.

His work continued with his son, John Alderson, Jr. John Jr. was a Baptist minister in Greenbrier Valley, Virginia (now West Virginia). He is given credit for establishing most of the Baptist Churches in the Virginia Valley.


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