Silas Duddleson was My 2x Great Uncle. He was the Child of Samuel Duddleson and Sophia Faust; my 2x great grand-parents and brother to my Great Grandmother, Martha Duddleson.

Silas was the first of the children to be born in Ohio. The others were born in Iowa. He was born in 1861. He was the fourth child, the third son.

In the 1870 census for Bloom Township, Fairfield County, Ohio; Silas was nine years old and attending school.

In the 1880 census Greencastle, Fairfield County, Ohio Silas was listed.  The record stated he was nineteen years old and had epilepsy. He was with his family.

Samuel and Sophia Duddleson; the parents of Silas, died in 1898. That same year, in the Fairfield county court house records, there was a Lunacy Inquest and Silas Duddleson was admitted to the state hospital. I have no information whether the family ever saw him again. I have wondered if he was there because of the epilepsy and they did not understand the ailment or if he was insane.

In the 1900 census, Silas was found at the Columbus State Hospital as an inmate in Columbus, Franklin County, Ohio. He was thirty-nine years old.

On January 1st, 1908 Silas died at the State Hospital. I have no further information on him. It is possible that he is buried in a cemetery on the grounds of the hospital.

This story about Silas may seem of little value, but I feel that all my ancestors deserve their stories to be told. Everyone was not a war hero or had some other “claim to fame”. When our descendants write about us, what will they find of interest? Something to think about.



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