Buffington is my mother’s birth name. I grew up knowing many cousins, aunts and uncles as well as great aunts and uncles and my mother’s cousins. So when I began my genealogy research, I was most curious about my Dad’s family, thinking I knew so much about Mom’s family.

Knowing many people who are related to you does not mean you know their history and origin. I was shocked when I started my research on this family and found my knowledge left a lot to be desired. Furthermore, the name is so common that it is very difficult to follow my Mother’s line. When you look up William Buffington, you find so many that without lots of statistics to go with the name, you are “dead in the water” so to speak. I will continue to research this family and hopefully be able to connect us to their arrival in United States.

Although I was unable to go back to the “beginning” with the Buffington line I more than made up for it with the lines that married into the Buffington’s. These are the Whetsel, Neal, Allison, Maddox and Arnot families. Every family line can be traced back to the American Revolution! When my Grandpa Buffington married my Grandma Whetsel, he made these clans into one big family. We are American through and through. We might have blood from other countries, but mostly me and my clan are Yanks from way back.


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