According to census records, Susan McCarty said she was born in Pennsylvania. She also said her parents were born there as well. Susan was born in February 1838. Susan McCarty was my maternal 2x Great Grandmother.

I found Susan in the 1850 census as a twelve-year-old in Scioto County, Ohio. She was living with her brother, James McCarty. I do not know her parents or their fate, fortune nor their names.

Susan McCarty was first married to Harrison Imes. They married in 1853.

In the 1860 census for Lawrence County, Ohio, Susan and Harrison have two boys, George and Frank. They were expecting a third child when Harrison left for the Civil War in 1861. Within three months Harrison was dead. Just two weeks after his death, Susan gave birth to their third child. This time a girl was born, Mary Alice Imes. It was November 1861. Here she was, 23 years old with three little children and she was a widow.

In August of 1862 Susan McCarty married Joseph Buffington in Vinton County, Ohio. Together they would have three more children, all boys.  The first of these boys to be born was my Great Grandfather, William Sherman Buffington. I will write more about him at a later time.

In the 1870 census Susan is with the Imes and Buffington children in Jackson County, Ohio. Joseph is not counted with this family.

Joseph Buffington was born in March 1835. Like Susan, I do not know who his parents were.  Joseph Buffington was born in Virginia.  I have found two Joseph Buffington’s enlisted in the Civil War records that could be a possible match, but with limited information on him, I can’t identify a record as his.

Joseph Buffington married Susan McCarty Imes on the 27th of August, 1862. Joseph was on the marriage record as well as the birth and death records of his children; Stephen Edward Buffington, Hiram Buffington and William Sherman Buffington; but I was unable to find him  on a census record.

Joseph was dead by 1880, when Susan was listed as a widow in the 1880 census for Elizabeth, Lawrence County, Ohio. William (my Great-Grandfather) was fifteen years old and working as a laborer. The oldest boy (George Imes) was no longer living with this family. There were five children listed plus a baby named Myrtie. Myrtie was the child of Mary Imes (daughter of Susan McCarty and Harrison Imes).

In 1900 census Susan (McCarty) Buffington was in Scioto County, Ohio with Frank Imes. Frank was one of the sons she had before she married Joseph Buffington. I have not been able to find a death certificate or cemetery record for Susan, but obviously she died sometime after 1900.

I will end this story, just as I titled it, A Genealogist’s work is never done.





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