Daniel Henry Whetsel was my Great Grandfather.

Daniel Henry Whetsel was born 6 January 1848 in Jackson County, Ohio. His father was Jacob Whetsel and his mother was Verlinda Maddox. There were eight children born to this family. Five of the children died of typhoid prior to Daniel’s birth. He grew-up with an older brother and a younger sister.

This family of five moved to Iowa in 1854. Many others relocated there around this same time. From my family’s line: Neal, Whetsel and Maddox were among them. By 1859, some of the relatives returned to Ohio. Daniel’s father, Jacob was able to buy his farm back.

In 1869, Daniel was twenty-one years old. He attended Wilkersville Academy in Vinton County, Ohio. He taught school in addition to preaching at the Methodist Episcapal Church.

On 15 April 1874 Daniel Henry Whetsel married Samantha Angeline Neal in the Neal family home. Samantha was the daughter of Thomas Neal and Belinda Allison. This couple would have eight children; four boys and four girls.

After 1876, Daniel took up farming and continued to preach.

Daniel retired as a minister and sometime after 1920, he and Samantha moved to Grove City, Ohio. Several of their children lived in the area, so I imagine that was the reason as they were getting older.

On 22nd of March 1923, Daniel Henry Whetsel died. He was 75 years old at the time of his death. His death certificate states that he died from heart failure. It was also noted that he was paralyzed on his left side. He was returned to Jackson County for burial in the Fairmont cemetery. Samantha died of pneumonia on 7th of June 1930 and she was also buried in the Fairmont Cemetery.

Anyone who follows my blog knows I have a few writings from my mother about her family. The following is what she had written about her Grandpa:

My mother’s father, Daniel Henry Whetsel, was a shouting Methodist minister. His prayers were especially expressive and long. As children we dreaded the evening prayer time, because of the length of those prayers. We had visited our grandparents in Jackson, Ohio and had returned home to Carlisle, Indiana. One day LaMar and I turned a kitchen chair upside down and took turns “preaching”. Mama caught us and spanked us for making fun of grandpa. However, years later as she told the story, she had a smile on her face. I’m sure she thought the prayers long, too, since many of them were for her.


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