The Leasure’s were Haugranauts. Their name had been LeSuer when they left France.  While still in Pennsylvania, Thomas served in the Revolutionary War.

In the early 1800’s Thomas Leasure and his wife Hannah Luckhart and their children traveled from Pennsylvania to Ohio. There were four Moss children (Joseph, John, Jesse and Nancy) who traveled with them. The best title I can give this relationship is Foster Children. My ancestor was John Moss. John Moss married Mary Polly Leasure (daughter of Thomas and Hannah Leasure). If the Leasure’s were not our “family” when they left Pennsylvania, they were after their daughter married my 3x Great-Grandfather.

There were many Leasure’s and Luckharts who arrived from Pennsylvania. Some went back and others settled elsewhere, but for the most part, they stayed in Ohio. There is a Leasure cemetery in Ross County, Ohio and I can connect most of those that are buried there to my family.

I will share another thing I discovered while researching this family. My first information that some of the Moss family were deaf was from the 1870 census.  These children were the siblings of my Great Grandmother, Rachel Moss. A total of four of these children were deaf; two boys and two girls.

More recently, I have met a “cousin” on the internet. (Our common ancestors are Moss brothers who came to Ohio from Pennsylvania with the Leasure’s.) She told me that her sister has two children without hearing and believes it is genetic from that part of the family.  I continue to find deaf people in this family line. I am sure I have missed many more. I agree with my “cousin”, it must be genetic.


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